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Everyone nows Facebook is the biggest social media platform, 1.6 billion people use Facebook every day also they are spending lots of time on it and 7 million advertisers are active on facebook. Facebook is one of the best and largest social media marketing platform here in this post we are learn how to use Facebook for marketing.

Facebook allows to create a beautiful page for your business and put quality content on it. you need to choose a good search friendly name for your page, create about section and provide relevant information about your business. Upload best profile photo and cover photo or video on your page it’s a first impression of your page and make sure they represent your brand.

Add call to action button because a call to action button helps you to get in touch with customers. You should research your competitor’s business page then you can create beautiful and better page then your competitor. A Facebook business page is played major role to develop your brand identity, you can share videos, links, images and quality content.

There are two types of ways you can use for marketing on Facebook.


After creating a beautiful page you should follow your competitors and other pages & group and you can share your content, images and links on it. This is the best way for marketing this process is totally free of cost.  Post regular content on your page and check likes and comments on content and answers the comment in a best and professional way, Click the like icon and invite those people who are not following your page yet.


There are lots of ways of paid marketing on Facebook, Facebook allows to create beautiful ads you can create Facebook ads for your business. For paid marketing you need to understand and create your target audience, audience is play major role in Facebook paid marketing. you can create your target audience according to their interest, demographics, age and more. demographics is a great starting point for getting sense of thinks likes where Facebook users live.

Lead generation ads – One of the best ads on Facebook, you can create lead generation ads for quality, genuine leads and reach more customers. you can create for single and multiple image or video which is called carousel ads.

Traffic ads – If you want to drive traffic to your website you can create traffic ads, traffic ads allows to reffer users to your website.

Reach ads – Reach ads help to connect new people and those people who are interested in your business and who was connected to your business from anyway.

Conversion ads – Conversion ads allows to convert in customers those people who are creating chart of your product. it is really helpful to increase your sales and revenue.

You can also create these ads for videos. Video marketing is one of the best and better engagement marketing on Facebook. Nowaday’s Facebook users like watching videos on Facebook so you need to create best and beautiful video than run video ad for better results.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics allows to see you how customers are interacting with your website, app and Facebook page. Facebook analytics is the best feature on Facebook you can easily see where users are coming from and what is their gender, country and age.

It’s really important to find out what’s working or what’s not go fit your business strategy, these data will show you what you should keep doing. Install Facebook pixel, Facebook pixel is a code that allows you to track conversations, site traffic, and product purchases.

Create a Facebook Business Group

One billion people using Facebook in a single month. A Facebook group is a place for people to share their ideas, information. Creating your own Facebook group is one of the best way to connect your fans and convert them into your customers.  Add call button, about information and you can also add your social media accounts links that can easily help to connect users to your social media accounts.

You can build active community of people talking about your business. It’s a great way to gather customers intelligence and what are people saying about you and your business. Ask questions to new mebers for joining your group becouse this is the right way to build active and genuine onile community. For the process, you can set automatically members joining requests.

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