Free High DA Social Bookmarking Sites in 2020


Are you a blogger, digital marketer, and businessmen? you need to use high DA social bookmarking sites for your business or agency to get more leads. Nowadays every business owner or blogger promote their business on the social bookmarking sites.

What is Social Bookmarking in 2020

Social Bookmarking is the best way to share your content, edit, share the links of web pages that you want to read later and bookmarking your website on social media sites. Social bookmarking is high activity of offpage SEO it is really helpful to get high quality backlinks and get genuine traffic for your website.

Advantage of Social Bookmarking Sites

Increase the traffic of your website
Get Quality Audience to your website
Bookmark best content
Get quality backlinks for your website
Improved page and domain authority
Get high SERP rank for your targeting keywords

Here I am going to share with you the best and free high da social bookmarking sites in 2020. These sites will really helpful to get quality traffic for your website and keep online visibility.


Reddit is one of the best and free high da social bookmarking site and also Reddit is the most popular website of social bookmarking. Raddit is a social discussion forum and the biggest online content rating platform. There are millions of active users of Reddit. you can share your links, Images, Videos, contents and get quality traffic.


Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website. Tumblr allows people to share their post multimedia and content to a short form blog where users can follow other users blogs, post and more. making a blog and bookmarking on tumblr is very easy and more effective.


This is a best social bookmarking site allowed to users discover videos, photos and web pages. Mix is a best and free advertisement engine that pushed web content recommendations to users. the website is very helpful for getting quality traffic for your website.


Pinterest is one of the best and very popular social bookmarking site where peoples share their ideas, content, Images and more. it is easy to use and more user friendly social bookmarking website. This is my favorite social bookmarking site that allows users to share their project, goods and services. it’s also the biggest web and mobile application company and 291 million monthly active users of Pinterest.


Twitter has 330 monthly active users. Twitter is an online news and biggest social networking site and also it’s a favorite site for celebrities and political parties. Twitter is a microblogging website where peoples post short messages. You can build an active online community and share your content on it.


Digg is a news aggregator with a curated front page, aiming to select stories specifically for the internet, science and also trending political issues. Digg founded in 2004 and till now in 2020 is the most and high da social bookmarking site. It’s a very popular social news website, allowing people to vote and share web content.

Scoop It

Scoop it aloows you to create boards of curated content based on topics that you choose. It will really helpful to build active online presence and share great content. Scoop it is acontent marketing software company. Millions of users are share their ideas, content, create their topics every day. You can get high ranking through scoop it for your website.


Fark is a community and best social bookmarking website and allows members to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites. This is one of the best platform to show your business through content and get quality traffic. The site receives many story submissions per day.


Bizsugar is the best social bookmarking and social sharing site for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The site gives you the best place to share your post, videos, blogs and articles, podcast and other content.

List ly is all about creating and curating list. you can create list of websites or tips or list of anything you can think that your potential clients would be interested in. This is the best social bookmarking site for creating quality backlinks and build an online community. I am using to get backlinks for my post through sharing content.

Here you can learn how to use social media as a marketing.
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