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Do you want to start blog and make money from it? This post for you. Blogging can change your life if you are passionate about it.

Blogging will be the best decision of your life. Some people think is blogging is so hard and they can’t do it but in my experience blogging is easy anyone can do blogging.

If you are a job seeker or businessmen you can start blogging as a part time it will be the best passive income source or If you are a student then you can do blogging full time.

Here are some steps you can start blogging through it.

  • Choose a niche for your blog
  • Choose a good domain name
  • Find out the best web hosting provider
  • Install WordPress and set WordPress blog
  • Install the best theme for your blog
  • Some essential plugin for your blog

Choose the right and best niche

Choosing the niche is the first step of blogging and it’s the most important part of blogging. You have to choose a niche according to your passion. Most people are failed in this filed just because of choosing the wrong niche.

Niche is your blog topic, are you not sure about the blog topic. here I and going to show you the best and trending blog topics you can choose anyone between them according to your passion.

You could choose cooking, travel, lifestyle, sport, news, cars, government jobs, online marketing, making money online, online tutorials, etc.

Choose a good domain name

The second step for starting a blog is to choose a good domain name. Domain name is your blog name you should choose a domain name that matches your niche because it will really helpful to rank in search engine and get more traffic on your blog.

Most people make this biggest mistake for choosing a domain name that’s why they can’t get ranking in search engines and traffic. Choose a domain name short and simple. Don’t use long domain names because the short domain name is easy to remember.

You can use keywords in your domain name it’s very helpful for search engine optimization. Keep your domain name in words do not use numbers in the domain name because it’s not easy to rank and remember.

Find out the best web hosting provider

The third step for blogging is to find out the best hosting provider and get hosting from it. There are lots of hosting providers on the Internet but you have to choose the best one between them. Check reviews of the company before purchase hosting.

Here I am going to show you the best web hosting providers you can purchase hosting from them.


Siteground is one of the best hosting providers for beginners because there support and service is the best. Siteground support team is well trained and they are providing the best solution to any problem.


Bluehost is the best hosting provider after siteground. It’s a very affordable and reliable web hosting provider, it is one of the 20 largest web host. Bluehost support and service is the best.


A2hosting provides high power web hosting. They have blazing fast web solution, at A2 Hosting, you get a wide range of SSL certificate options. Their support team is very well and Intelligent. Get Discount

Install WordPress and set WordPress blog

There are several platforms to start blogging but WordPress is one of the best and very easy content management systems, you don’t need coding knowledge for setup WordPress blog. Most bloggers start their blogging career from WordPress. After purchasing hosting you need to install WordPress in your site.

Installing WordPress on the site is very easy and fast, starting a blog from WordPress you have lots of benefits.

  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Customize
  • Lots of Best Free Themes
  • Build a Professional Website
  • Easy Dashboard
  • Fast Install Plugins

Install the best theme for your blog

Setup WordPress on your site after that Install theme because your blog layout and functionality is more important.

There are dozens themes are available on WordPress some themes are free and some are paid. I gave you personal suggestions for you if you have some amount for spending on your blog then you can go with paid theme or If you are fresher want to start making money from blogging then you can go with free theme.

Paid themes are secured, all your website data are safe in paid themes. Here is the best WordPress theme you can Install your website for better ranking with best customizable options.


Astra Pro

Color Blog


Plugins That You Have Install On Your Blog

There are several plugins on the WordPress but now here I am going to share the best plugins you should Install from day first on your website.

Plugins are everything on WordPress because it will really helpful to drive traffic, SEO, Speed, and create best and unique content.

Yoast SEO

WP Rocket

Thrive Leads


Write Your First Blog

Before writing the first blog I would like to say congrats for successfully set up your WordPress blog.

Here are the tips for making your blog post rocket

Go with long tail keywords because it is easy to rank

Make a good and unique title

Always try to write long and Informative article

Add Images on your post it will helpful for increase your post look attractive

Make Money From Your Blog

There are lots of ways for making money from blogging, most people start blogging for making money. Here are the best options for making money from blogging.

Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way for making money from blogging, In affiliate marketing you have to promote other company’s product on your blog If someone buy that product from your blog then you will get commission.

Offer Service- If you are expert in SEO, Graphic Designing, Website Designing, and Development then you can offer your service and make money from it.

Selling Courses and Products- You can sell courses and products from your blog, you can sell your products and courses and if you don’t have any product or course then you can sell other people’s or company’s products and courses.

Advertising- This is the most common way of making money from blogging, mostly bloggers making money from advertising. Put Google’s ads on your blog if someone clicks on that ad you will get the commission.

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