How To Use Instagram For Business


Instagram is one of the biggest social media platform as we know If you want to boost your business on Instagram this post specially for you.

Instagram has one billion monthly active users, the app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Instagram has 500 million daily active users and 25 million plus business on Instagram.

Most business owners are promoting their business on Instagram and also they are generating more revenue from it because Instagram has large number of engaged audience. If you are a small business owner or big business owner you need Instagram for scaling your business worldwide and build large networks.

Use Instagram For Business

Create Instagram Business Account

Creating a business account on Instagram is very easy, creating an Instagram account you have to create an Instagram business account. Business profile has access to tools and the features that will help you for promoting your business on Instagram.

Without creating a business account you can not use Instagram for your business. Creating a business account on Instagram you need to do this. With a professional account, you can access all Instagram business features.

  • Go to your profile and tap in the top right corner
  • Click on the setting icon
  • Click account
  • Click to switch to professional account
  • Add your business details
  • Click done.

Set Up your Profile

After creating a business account on Instagram you need to set up your profile, you have to update bio limit 150 characters, profile Image, business houres and more. Make sure your bio tell all about your brand, add your website link and upload your logo on profile photo.

Writing a business related bio will really helful for visitors to understand what’s your business and what’s service you are providing also adding website link in the bio it will easy to your visitors to go your website. Using your business logo on profile photo it will helpful for branding and advertising.

Creating High Quality Content

If you want to drive more engaged audience than you have to create high quality content for your products or services. Content will help your visitors to understand your perspective, quality and vision.

Create content related to your product or service don’t use unwanted and bad words in your content. you can’t write good content you can hire any content writer and also you can use freelancer and fiver for hiring the best content writter.

Post Quality Photos and Videos

Instagram is the biggest photo and video content sharing platform, you have to create high quality videos and images and post them on Instagram because high quality images and videos attract people’s attraction and helping to convert them into customers also it’s Increase your followers.

You can use photoshop for resizing your images and there are lots of tools and softwares are available on the Internet and play store for Increasing the quality and sizes of your images and videos.

Use Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are very helpful for driving traffic, mostly business owners, marketers, and bloggers are using hashtags for driving lots of traffic. Instagram allows 30 hashtags with per post you can use your own specific hashtags.

Use your brand name in hashtags because it will increase your brand visibility and help for branding. Instagram has lots of hashtag accounts you can find trending hashtags on it and use it in your post.

Post Instagram Stories

Many small businesses use Instagram stories to market their product and services, you can use this feature for market your product and services. This is one of the best features on Instagram, Instagram stories disappear 24 hours after posting. After 24 hours you can create another best story for your business.

On Instagram Stories you can post videos, photos, live videos, normal content, add music and also you can use other best features on Instagram story. There are lots of best features on Instagram story section you can use them for creating the best and attractive stories.

Create Sponsored Ad On Instagram Or Promote Post

An Instagram business profile allows you to create sponsored ads or publish post, it’s one of the best way to promote your product or service on Instagram. Instagram has 80 rupees per day minimum promotion budget and you can also add more amount for your promotion. Instagram shows you how many reaches and Impressions you will get for the amount, you can create or target audience for your ad.

You can create ads on Instagram for lead generation, post engagement, reach, website traffic and brand awareness. Creating ads for Instagram you have to use Facebook business manager or Facebook ad manager. For creating an ad on Instagram you have to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account.


IGTV is one of the best feature on Instagram for sharing long video content, the feature allows you to create creative and fun video content for your brand. IGTV video can be Incorporated into the newsfeed in one minute preview, Increase visibility.

You can upload 60 seconds to an hour long video on IGTV and it allows your fans easy access to your new content. Users can comment, share and like IGTV videos.

Check Messages Daily

Most of the business owners don’t check their Instagram messages and comments that’s why they lose their lots of customers. You must check your Instagram messages and comments and reply to them in a professional way.

Don’t make this common mistake it will high impact on your business, If you don’t check your messages and do not reply to them in time then they will not get back to your account.

Collaborate With Instagram Influencers

Most business owners promote their product and business with Instagram influencers because Influencers have large number of trusted audience. There are lots of Instagram Influencers in India and outside India you have to find the best Instagram Influencer and collaborate with them.

Promoting business with Influencers it’s very helpful for Increase sales, followers and for branding. Most of the big brands and small business owners collaborate with Influencers for promoting up their products and services. You can also do it and Increase your brand value and sales.

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