Best Affiliate Marketing Websites in 2020


If you plan a good passive income source then affiliate marketing is perfect and If you want to earn good money from affiliate marketing, then this will prove to be a very good and profitable article for you.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best for making money online, lots of bloggers earn their 50% of Income from affiliate marketing. It’s a key source for making money online.

There are lots of affiliate marketing platforms on the Internet you can find a good one according to your niche. Here we are providing you a great list of affiliate marketing websites that you can use to earn money online.

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

There are many such affiliate marketing websites in the world that help you to make a lot of good money, but we are going to work here on a very good and most popular website which many people use for them in their blogs and very good money is earned from them.

Amazon Associate

Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce platform in the world and it’s a very large online marketplace where you can get everything. There are 112 million amazon customers in the world.

Amazon is a great platform for affiliate marketing, for affiliate marketing you can become amazon associate. Amazon offers a different number of commissions of different Items, mostly amazon offer 10% commission of most Items.

Many professional affiliate marketers run amazon niche-based sites and make smart amount of it and amazon affiliate program is world’s best affiliate program. I and many affiliate marketers recommend amazon affiliate program for making money from affiliate marketing.


ClickBank is a great platform for affiliate marketing, If you are new in affiliate marketing then I recommend you please go with Clickbank it will give you the best product to promote affiliate offers with good commission rate.

ClickBank provides you a status for products which is you promote how your product is performing. Clickbank has a six million clients worldwide. Clickbank provides you a unique affiliate link and there are lots of great niche related products on Clickbank with good commission.


JVZOO is a most recommend affiliate marketing platform, many bloggers and affiliate marketers is recommended JVZOO. Also, JVZOO is a platform where new products are launched and most of the bloggers and affiliate marketers make thousands of dollars from it.

JVZOO is a platform where you can sell unlimited products and it’s totally free. JVZOO allows you to track you product status and it’s providing real time report.

They have a largest marketplace with all sorts of digital products to promote, they have a great categories you can find the best one according to your niche. If you make any sales from you JVZOO link then you can get instantly paid.


Shopify is the biggest multinational ecommerce company, it’s a very big and reliable platform. Nowadays Shopify is become the most popular affiliate platform and it’s a cloud based Saas shopping cart solution.

It has a power of over 1,000,000 business worldwide and they help the people achieve Independence by making easier to start and grow a business. They have a great support team If you have a quairy you can call, email, and line chat at any time.

Shopify is the most solid ecommerce platform and it’s affiliate program is amazing. Their affiliate managers will help you to promote their products.


ShareASale is a great affiliate marketing network, It has 4,000 merchants as an affiliate you can select any ShareASale merchant for promotion. ShareASale has been in for 20 years and their technology receives accolades for speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Many affiliate marketers and bloggers promote ShareASale products you can also promote and earn lots of commission from it. ShareASale provides you realtime reporting you can see your commissions and track how your product well performed.

ShareASale Provide tools for promoting their products and helping you to promoted products in a great way.

CJ Affiliate

Most of the professional bloggers and affiliate marketers recommend CJ affiliate because they have their own great experience with CJ affiliate. CJ affiliate is one of the biggest affiliate platform at the list of affiliate platforms.

CJ affiliate is one of the most trusted and established name in affiliate marketing, they have 14 offices worldwide and their employees are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions.


RA wealth partners is regal assets. If you have a financial blogging website and great investors you can promote Regal Assets offers and very high commissions.

RA wealth partners is one of the best affiliate network and their experts will guide you every step of the way to maximize your chances of success. This is 100% free affiliate program you can easily join and promote their products.

eBay Partners

eBay is a very big e-commerce website and it provides services like affiliate marketing for its users so that people can come here and promote their projects, they can get a very good commission from them. Starters can earn very good profit margins.

You did not need to do much to do affiliate marketing with eBay, they are very simple affiliate marketing program and very easy and everyone can do it. eBay has dozens of projects from where you can choose your favorite products and promote them to your audience and earn a lot of good amount from it.


MaxBounty is a new website for affiliate marketing it has a great mission and the website worked with high brands. MaxBounty’s affiliate offer is very great and the benefit of become MaxBounty affiliate is they pay weekly.

The commission rate depends on the type of content and it works exclusively with digital products. You can become a affiliate of MaxBounty and earn great commission from it. MexBounty is the best for mid level and top level affiliate marketers.


Bluehost is one of the best web hosting provider, they are providing world’s fasted web hosting services. If you run a technology website you can sing up as an affiliate marketer with Bluehost, Bluehost provides a great commission by promoting their hosting plan.

A lot of people need a web hosting company to take their website to a higher level and make it much better and therefore you can help those people through this article and give them speed assessment.

What is Affiliate Marketing

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