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Are you looking for a best backlink checker tools, then this article is for you, here I am going to share a few that will help you a lot in checking backlinks.

Creating backlinks is a very important part of SEO. You can easily stay on top in the search engine through backlinks and without backlinks is very difficult to rank in the search engine.

There are many tools available on the Internet to check backlinks, but here I am going to tell you about some tools that big bloggers and agencies use to do checks quality backlinks. Some are paid and some are also free, you can use it according to your requirements.

In Google’s latest update, Google had said that it will not give importance to those backlinks that are not given from the site of good and quality. You will need good tools that will give you information on sites that you can get quality backlinks and easily rank in search engines.

Here are the best backlink checker tools that will tell you where your website has taken backlinks and which websites you need for good and quality backlinks, as well as the tools to help you check backlinks to your competitors. It will also help you a lot like you can find out where your competitors have taken backlinks.

What is Backlinks

Are backlinks that you get for a website from another website. Backlinks are very important for ranking in search engines. Without backlinks it will be very difficult for you to rank in search engines.

There are many companies and agencies that charge very well to create backlinks, but here I am going to share in front of you some tools that will help you lot to create quality backlinks. You can easily create quality backlinks for yourself, for which you will not So much money will need to be spent.


SEMrush is one of the best backlink checker tools most of the bloggers and companies use this tool for checking and creating backlinks. This is a very good tool for checking backlinks. It has great features.

You can check backlinks for your website and your competitor’s website through SEMrush, Because checking competitor’s backlinks is very important and it will give you great ideas you can get quality backlinks and rank fast in search engine. Create quality backlinks from SEMrush. It’s one of the best tool for creating quality backlinks.


BuzzSumo is the most popular tool for checking backlinks. This tool comes with free and paid versions and also it’s the best tool for content marketing. This is one of the best tool for checking competitor’s backlinks and finding those sites from they are getting backlinks.

This the best tool that allows you to create high performing content and get great content ideas. You can identify influential people from here to power up your brand. It has great features that help you to check backlinks to your individual page.


This is a paid tool. Ahrefs is the most powerful tool for checking backlinks, you can check detailed analysis of backlinks. This tool allows you to check Dofollow and Nofollow links and check domain rating. Ahrefs is the most powerful tool for improving SEO as we can say that this is the tool that is full of great SEO features.

This tool allows to check backlinks free, this is a great tool for checking competitor’s backlinks also we discussed in our previous post Ahrefs is one of the best tool for keyword research. Yes, Ahrefs is the most popular tool for keyword research and backlinks chacking. Use this tool to create high quality backlinks and create keyword ideas.


LinkMiner is a very easy to use backlink checker tool, you can find powerful backlinks. LinkMiner comes with great features like you can analyze backlinks and also you can see the backlinks based on category.

This is an affordable backlinks checker tool, You can preview the referring website directly and find the anchor placement easily. This is the perfect tool for checking competitor’s backlinks data and create best and high quality backlinks. It’s a very user friendly tool by Mangools.


This is a free and best backlink checker tool and this is a wonderful tool for checking a web page backlinks or entire website’s backlinks. This tool allows you to export backlink sheet in CSV format and provide detailed optimization.

You can check backlinks of any website from here, It’s provides you great data of competitor’s backlinks. All you need to do it just copy the competitor’s website URL and paste in the search bar then it shows all the data of the site and Information of the top links, page authority, domain authority and more.


This is a great tool for backlink checking, It’s allows to get insights in competitor’s linkbuilding strategies, quickly identify bad links, easily manage all your links, and track your link building campaigns.

Linkody have easily to manage dashboard with essential metrics you can easily generate PDF reports for your clients. This is one of the best and reliable backlink monitoring tool and it has great customer support. You can easily discover your competitor’s backlinks and create your off page strategy according them.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is the largest tool for backlink checking, this is the more powerful tool for checking backlinks and creating backlink strategy. It has the largest commercial link intelligence database in the world. Most of the professional bloggers and marketers use this tool for creating high quality backlinks.

Majestic SEO comes with great price points, and it has great features. This tool showing a clear chart of your backlinks history that is very helpful to understand your backlinks insight easily and perform well on the search engine.


If you want to save your lots of time then this will be the best tool for you. Most of the search professional use this tool. It has very good features. You can create a list of links that are most important for you.

Using this tool you can easily find out where the risks and patterns profile. It has a great dashboard and easy to understand. It has great and award winning backlink software that will help you to combine multiple link data sources.

Monitor Backlinks

This is the best tool for monitoring backlinks and keywords also this is a great tool for checking your bad links and your competitor’s good links. Also it’s an is keyword tracking tool and this tool helps you to find that link which is more effective for your website traffic.

This tool work as a doctor for your site, it clearly shows all the negativity of your site and give a suggestion of how you can improve your site link strategy and position. This is a super user friendly backlink checker tool.


ConnitiveSEO is an online marketing tool and it has a great backlink analysis tool. This tool allows you to view your backlinks including realtime data and historical information. This the best tool for analyzing competitors backlinks.

This tool help lots of SEO professional and bloggers to improve their ranking on search engines also it will be a very helpful tool for you if you want to get stand in a higher position on search engines.

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