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Today the coronavirus has put the whole world in a very big surprise where the whole world stops, while some people are using this difficult time very correctly and boost business during COVID-19, You can use this difficult time properly, here I am going to share some useful tips that will be very helpful for you in these difficult times.

Coronavirus has a huge impact on businesses, but we should keep ourselves positive even in such an environment and use this time properly so that we can get good benefits in the future, even some businesses are like this those who are on the verge of closure due to Coronavirus and many people have lost their jobs, here I am going to share with you some tips that will very helpful for you to stay positive.

Use these useful tips and stay positive during COVID 19.

We are also using these tips for our clients and are making every effort to grow their business so that our time and their time may not be spoiled and both of them can benefit from it. You can also grow your business using these tips and talk about a good engagement because it is not just this time, Rather will help you a lot in the future and will be very helpful in building your online community.

Use Social Media

Due to COVID 19, everybody is in the house, some people are doing work but mostly is spending lots of time on social media. If you are a business owner you can use social media for marketing, polls and running giveaway contest.

Most of the offline businesses are going to trash due to coronavirus and most are they don’t know how to use a hard time to convert in positive vibes where the whole world is stop due to COVID19.

This time social media is the more powerful way to marketing, branding and engagement. Most business owners and bloggers use social media for boost business during COVID 19, generating more leads, strong user engagement and more. You can also use social media for promotion and getting leads.


Facebook is one of the largest social media platform If you have Facebook account then you can create Facebook page and groups also you can join other people or business groups. Share 3 post per day with trending and good quality hashtags.

Run giveaway contest and create ads. You can run giveaway contests, polls and more it’s one of the best way to attract more users. Run ads you can use Facebook business manager in creating ads for lead generation, reach, engagement, website traffic and more.

Creating ads on Facebook is very easy, cheap and more profitable. There are lots of tools are available on the market that will show you all the data and some tips on how can create a profitable ad campaign.


Instagram is the most popular and biggest social media platform, more than 500 million active users of Instagram daily in normal days. Due to COVID 19 you can make a general estimate of how many people will be using the Instagram every day.

It’ not a number it’s the biggest number. I would like to tell you that you must have heard the name of Kylie Jenner, she is the billionaire and runs a cosmetic brand, 90% of her revenue comes from Instagram, now you can think and such is the power of the Instagram and you can learn a lot from this article, which will be very useful for your business.

There are lots of best features on the Instagram which you can use for boost your business on social media. Like Stories, IGTV, Polls, Trending Hashtags, and more. World most useful and trending hashtags come from Instagram.

You can share unlimited posts daily on Instagram it’s the biggest sea of online visibility but at least you have to share 3 posts per day and one video on IGTV. You can also create ads on Instagram from the Facebook business manager. Facebook business manager allows you to create ads for Instagram also you can easily boost your Instagram post through Facebook. All you need to do it you have just connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account.

Creating ads on Instagram it’s more profitable than Facebook because Instagram has lar number of audience and genuine account then Facebook. You can get quality leads from Instagram. Facebook also gives you quality leads but I recommend you If you are creating ads, create on both platforms.

Also you can use other social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and more. Please read this article and boost your business on social media due to COVID 19.

Email Marketing

Do email marketing for driving lots of traffic and engagement, 99% of consumers check their email daily. Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote their business on the Internet. For successful email marketing, you need a good email marketing tool, I have written the post about good email marketing tools please have a look and choose the best tool.

Email Marketing is the most powerful way to generate leads and sales. If you have email list you can send bulk emails through email marketing tool or don’t have a email list then you can build landing page on your website a landing page is very helpful for getting emails. Most of the businesses, bloggers and marketers use landing page for getting emails and building a powerful and quality email list.

For email marketing you can use autoresponders for profitable email marketing, autoresponder allows you to send emails to the groups. It’s a key of email marketing, If you want to drive lots of leads then you have to use autoresponders.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the biggest online advertising platform. Use Google AdWords for creating good and attractive ads for your business. The best part of Google Adwords is it shows your ad Interest-based audience and it’s a huge platform for online marketing. World’s biggest agencies, companies and marketers are using Google AdWords for online advertising.

As we know Google is world’s biggest search engine and 2.3 million searches performed on Google in every second. It’s a very affordable advertising platform, it doesn’t matter what type of business you have or you are a small business owner or big. Everyone can use Google Adwords for advertising and build their empire.

Google Adwords allows you to target keywords, you can target your keywords that are relevant to your business also you can set a bid amount how much you pay to Google if someone clicks on your ad. Use google Adwords for boost business during COVID-19.

I Hope You Enjoy The Post Please Stay Home, Stay Safe and Be Positive.

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