Why Ubersuggest is The Best SEO Tool | Full Review


Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword research and SEO tool and you must have heard the name of UberSuggest because it is a very popular and very good tool. Most of the big bloggers and marketers use this tool for keyword research and SEO.

If you are a blogger and are looking for a good SEO tool, then it is very useful for you. This tool is free but, I will suggest you to buy it because its free version is Limited you can access it’s best features with the free version. If you want to use it’s best features then you have to purchase the tool.

Ubersuggest is Neil Patel’s tool Neil Patel is a very well-known and professional blogger and he is running many digital marketing agencies.

Ubersuggest interface is very user friendly, it is similar to Google AdWord keyword tool, but its interface is very easy to see and very clear to understand.

Neil Patel is one of my favorite marketer and blogger also a motivator because their blogs are very different from the rest of the blogger and are very next level which gives a very good knowledge to the users so that they benefit a lot. I have read many articles and have seen videos of them which are very informative.

I also use this tool for keyword research of my site and article and also to find backlinks of my competitors. I have a very good experience with this tool as it is quite affordable and it has great features that are need of any blogger. If you are a fresher and you have just started blogging, then you can go with ubersuggest, you will get a very good interface and user experience so that you will get very good knowledge about keyword research and other SEO features.

What is Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a complete SEO tool that is very helpful for keyword research, keyword ideas, content ideas, Competitor analysis, backlinks analysis, website audit, backlink checking, and more. This is one of my favorite keyword research tool.

Ubersuggest gives you full website audit and competitor’s backlinks checking that will give you great ideas for taking your site on search engines first page. It’s a good and totally user friendly tool. If you are a blogger and business owner and want to rank your website on the search engine’s first page you need a good SEO tool, without SEO tool you can’t rank on the search engine. Ubbersuggest is the perfect and all in one SEO tool.

Benefits of Ubersuggest Tool

Keyword Ideas

Best SEO Tool

Ubersuggest provide the best keyword ideas, you can easily get the best keyword ideas for your niche with ubersuggest keyword idea feature. This feature shows you the best keyword ideas with keywords search volume and competition rate.

You can get the best keyword according to your niche I also use the feature to getting the best keyword ideas for my post it shows me all the trending and best list of keywords. Use this feature and get the best keyword ideas for your blog and learn more about keyword ideas.

Keyword Overview

Best SEO Tool

Ubersuggest is one of my favorite tool for keyword research. You can get the batter and long tail keyword ideas for your niche by just single click. It’s very easy to use and more user friendly keyword research tool.

You can easily check the keyword’s search volume, paid difficulty, CPC, and SEO difficulty. Many professional bloggers and marketers use this tool for get the better keyword ideas for your niche.

Get the best Content Ideas

Ubersuggest content ideas feature allows you to get the best content ideas. It’s very easy to get the best content ideas with ubersuggest you just need to put your keyword in the search bar and enter then it will show you the best and high ranking contents from the search engine.

This feature helps you a lot to write the best and more engaging post for your users that will help you to drive lots of traffic and increase SERP. This feature also shows you the number of social shares of the content.

Ubbersuggest- Traffic Analyzer

Domain Overview

Domain overview is the best feature of ubersuggest tool that will show you complete details about any domain. You can easily check the website’s organic keywords, organic monthly traffic, domain score and do follow and no follow backlinks.

If you want to get full details of any website then this is the perfect feature. You can easily check your competitor’s website details like domain authority, ranking keywords, and how many backlinks they get.

Top Pages

Best SEO Tool

Top pages feature is a great feature to checking the top pages of any website. Also you can easily check the number of the shares of the pages on each social media platform that will more beneficial for you to create unique and engaging content.

Also you can check the country based ranking of any website and check where is website performing well. Most bloggers and marketers recommend this tool only just for this feature. This is a great feature to get better ideas for page ranking, checking users interest and Increasing sales.


This feature allows you to see that keywords of any domain which are rank on the top in search engine. This is one of the best feature that allows you to see your competitor’s best keywords with keyword volume, search difficulty, and ranking position.

I also use this feature to checking my competitor’s website’s top ranked keywords that’s give me the best ideas to find the best keywords for my website and post. Use this feature because this is an amazing and very good feature.

Ubersuggest- SEO Analyzer

Site Audit

This is one of the best features of this tool. Site Audit allows you to check any website’s monthly traffic, domain score, organic keywords, backlinks, critical errors, warnings, and recommendations that is more beneficial for website owners to take an audit of their site and correct errors.

You can also check your site speed with the help of this feature and look at how your site is user friendly and how many time it takes to open in mobiles, tablets, and desktops. The feature shows you to recommendations of speed correction you can do that easily and make your website speed fast and more users and search engine friendly.


Best SEO Tool

This is the core feature of this tool. In this feature you can see backlinks of any websites. This feature allows you to check backlinks, referring domains, and domain scores. You can easily see the do follow and no follow backlinks of any website.

If you have a pro version of the tool then you also can see the broken links of your the site and convert them into the correct link that is very helpful for website ranking. This is a wonderful feature to see backlinks of your competitor’s website. I used this feature to check my competitor’s backlinks and referring domains.


I hope this article will prove to be a profitable article for you because I have shared all the features of Ubersuggest tool here in this article, if you liked the article, please share this article and tell people about the tool so that they too can get high rank in search engine. Ubersuggest is a very good tool for SEO where you will get all the facilities, you can easily rank your website in the search engine through this tool.

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