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Are you a social media marketer or SEO professional then you know about the SEMrush tool. Here is the full review of SEMrush. Why SEMrush is the best tool for social media marketers and SEO professionals.

Every Blogger. Marketers and SEO professionals want to rank high their website and client’s website in search engines. They use tools that will help in keyword research, competitors backlinks analysis, site audit, content ideas, and more.

SEMrush is a very professional and most popular tool for social media marketers and SEO professional and it contains more than 20+ tools that will help you to optimize your website traffic. Best and Professional marketers use this tool. This is very good and one of the best tool for SEO.

SEMrush is one of my favorite tool and here I am going to share with you my own experience with this tool and I will introduce you to its features. Yes, if you are a blogger and a professional marketer and are looking for a good SEO tool, then here I am going to review for the best SEO tool, which is more favorite of marketers and bloggers.

There are many tools available for SEO in the market and you might be using any of those tools but you are not getting any results or you are having trouble to rank your site, then you can use SEMrush because it’s a different tool from the rest of SEO tools, it has very special features which make this tool quite different from other SEO tools.

SEMrush will help you a lot to get your website into Google’s first page and will also give you suggestions on how you can make your website search engine friendly so that it will rank easily in search engines.

What is SEMrush and why it’s different from others?

SEMrush is the best and great tool for SEO. You can do keyword research for your article and website, track your keyword position in all search engines, competitors backlinks, and top pages analysis, find competitor’s top ranked keywords, get the best content ideas, and more.

SEMrush works like assistance for bloggers and digital marketers. You can easily find the best keyword ideas for your article. This is the best tool for competitors backlinks analysis and keyword ideas. I also use SEMrush to see my competitor’s backlinks analysis and their top ranked keywords that are giving the best ideas for my content and website.

SEMrush makes your marketing work more easier and fast you can save lots of time and effort with this tool than other tools. SEMrush provides you clean data of any website that is really easy to understand. It has a very easy to understand dashboard and a more user friendly interface. Get SEMrush Free Trial

Features of SEMrush

Keyword Overview

Best Tool For SEO

SEMrush has a great feature of keyword overview. You can easily find the best keywords ideas with its keyword overview features. This feature shows you the keyword volume, global volume, keyword difficulty, trend, CPC, SERP, Keyword Variations, and more.

SEMrush allows you to download the keyword variations in a PDF file. I also use this feature this is a wonderful feature of the tool that provides you all the data of any keywords. Use this feature and get the best and low competitive keyword for your content and get a higher ranking on search engines.

keyword Magic Tool

In keyword overview section have a great keyword magical tool that is the feature that makes SEMruch unique and more useful. In this feature you can easily get search volume, CPC data, Competitive density, and more.

This is the best feature where you can get more best keyword options like, broad match, phrase match, exact match, and related. Also it has an advanced filter option where you can fill keyword data according to your choice and get the best keyword ideas.

Domain Analytics

In Analytic Future, you can examine any website in depth, that is, through this feature, you can know about the domain authority of any website and their backlinks can be ascertained from which websites they have taken backlinks. And through this feature, you can find out how much organic traffic is coming to that website and how much traffic is coming from paid advertising.

This is a great feature to get to know any website from within, especially to get a deep understanding of the competitor’s website, what places they have created backlinks, what their domain authority is, and which keywords they are good at. You can well performing through this feature, you can get a better idea so that you can rank your website easily in the search engine.

SEMrush shows only the actual data of any website that you can easily trust. There is no doubt because it is a very favorite SEO tool of professional bloggers and mother’s touch as well as mine. This is the best SEO tool. I used the tool for checking my competitors’ website backlinks, their domain authority, and trending keywords.

Through this feature, you can find their keywords of any website or especially of your competitors who are ranked at the top in the search engine and can also see in which country they are more popular. And from which country are they getting more traffic.
Marketing Insights

In this feature you check traffic analysis, traffic rank, and market explore. This is one of the best features of the tool where you can analyze the traffic of any website. You can easily check your competitor’s marketing insights and know more about their marketing strategy.

You can check organic traffic, paid traffic, referral traffic, visits, unique visits, page visits, Avg. visit duration and bounce rate.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword Gap Analysis allows you to analyze your up to 5 domain keywords which keywords are unique to each domain. Its a very simple and unique feature you have just put your competitor’s domain names in the search bar and choose keyword types and get insight to stay ahead.

This feature allows you to find those keywords which are best for you and they are easy to rank in the search engine that will help you to increase your site traffic and user engagement.

Backlink Gap Analysis

Backlinks are the core of any website. This feature allows you to analyze your competitor’s backlinks and their referral domains. That will more helpful for you to get the high DA referring domains and create quality backlinks. Most bloggers create backlinks but they never get any benefit of those backlinks just because they are not quality backlinks.

If you want to rank fast in search engines then you have to create quality backlinks. For creating quality backlinks you have to use best tool. SEMrush is the best tool for creating quality backlinks and backlinks analysis.

Topic Research

Best Tool For SEO

Topic Research is one of the best features of the tool. You can research your content topic, this feature shows you the great content topic ideas in your niche with subtopics, social media engagements, backlinks, and total numbers of shares.

Topic Research feature allows you to add country, region, and city that you can get the best topic ideas according to your country, region, and city that will help to rank your website in your country. This is one of the special features of the tool that allows you easily check any topic you are going to write content on and change your topic if it is not suited to your audience.

Most of the new bloggers make a mistake with this thing. they do not do research on the topic on which they are going to write the content and it remains that they do not rank in the search engine and then in a few days, upset and give up.

I would like to say to new bloggers that before writing the content, research the topic on which you are going to write the content and use SEMrush tool because this is a very good tool that shows you the best topic ideas in your niche in front of you which is more helpful to get higher ranking in search engines and Increase user engagement.

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