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Keyword research is the most important part of SEO, if you want to rank on top in search engine, then you have to do keyword research without doing keyword research you cannot rank your website on the search engines first page.

If you want to rank your website in search engines first page then you should do keyword research. You will need a good keyword research tool for keyword research which is available on the internet some of them are tool free and some are paid.

I have shared the list of best keyword research tool in my previous post. You can choose any tool from the list for your website or post and get the best keyword ideas that will help you to rank your website in search engines first page.

There are a lot of bloggers who do not do keyword research and then they are very upset about ranking. If you are also making such a mistake, then I suggest you that wait and don’t do it again. If you are a blogger then you should do keyword research before writing any post, or if you are a businessman you have to do keyword research according yo your product name and category.

In this post, we will know the reason deeply about what keyword research is and why it is done and why keyword research is important. If you are a business owner or blogger then this post will really helpful for you to find good and best keywords.

In this post we will cover –

  • What is Keyword Research?
  • How to do keyword research?
  • What is the Importance of Keyword research?
  • What are the types of keywords?
  • What are the best tool for keyword research?

Leat’s start from the first point-

What is keyword research

Keyword research is a process that allows you to find words that are relevant to your topic, which are very beneficial for you and from which you can easily color in the search engine and get a very good user engagement.

Keyword research is very important because it helps you choose the words that are compatible with your product, service, post, or website and from which you can rank in the search engine quickly.

Suppose for a moment that you want good shoes, then you will go directly to Google and type in best shoes for man and Google will show you the list which one is best for Mans, so do keyword research and target that keywords which is relevant to your business because that is really helpful to drive lots of traffic on your website and increase sales.

There is a lot of audience on the Internet that belongs from different categories and all the time Google has a lot of searches related to different categories, so keyword research is a process that helps you choose your audience so that You have a quality traffic .

By doing keyword research, you can get very good traffic on your website without having to worry about don’t doing keyword research. You have seen many such websites on the internet which are getting a lot of good traffic and which are related to your business, so this is the reason they do keyword research and select those keywords that are relevant to their business.

If you want to add your competitor’s website back then you have to do keyword research and select those keywords which are related to your business and which can give you very good traffic.

How To Do Keyword Research-

To do keyword research is very easy, for this you will need to a good keyword research tool, there are so many tools on the internet who are free but I would suggest you if you boost your blogging career or If you want to take the business to next level in a very short time, then you should go with the paid tool.

A paid tool gives you better ideas, and topics according to your niche and product that will more powerful for driving lots of traffic and sales. A paid tool also provides you to exact data of keyword like, keyword volume, keyword difficulty, CPC data, trend, SERP, keyword variations, and more.

How To Use Keywords

Find your competitor’s keywords and their top ranked keywords that give you the best ideas for creating a unique and better keyword. Because most professional bloggers and marketers analyze competitors keywords for creating the best and high ranked keyword.

Keyword research is very easy you just have to put that keyword that you want to target for your post or product in keyword research tool’s search bar it shows you all the data of keyword with best keyword suggestions and variations that you can easily get the better ideas which keyword is best for your post or product.

I am using SEMrush tool. This is the best and one of my favorite keyword research tool. Here is an example please have a look. I am search a graphic designing agency in the search bar and it shows me all the data of that keyword. Keyword volume, keyword difficulty, CPC data, trend, SERP, keyword variations.

What is the Importance of Keyword research-

Keyword research is the core of SEO, a good keyword take your business to the next level and increase your website SERP. Keyword search helps you to get a good keyword one which is a lot of trending in search engine and one which people love.

Keyword research helps you to choose the target audience and their according helps a lot in creating better content.

Keyword research helps you find the keywords of your competitors and create different keywords from them and also helps you get a better idea to beat your competitors.

Keyword research helps you a lot in understanding the market trends and showing the interface of your audience so that you can get high rank in search engine by getting a good keyword.

Keyword research gives you insight into what peoples are searcing near your niche and also impact every part of SEO. The keyword research is the first and the highest point of the SEO, Whenever it comes to SEO, keyword research starts wandering in our mind automatically.

What are the types of keywords-

There are four types of major keywords:-

  • Short Tail Keyword
  • Long Tail Keyword
  • Branded Keyword
  • Non Branded Keyword

Short Tail Keywords – Short tail keywords are those that are used in small words, they have very limited characters and are very short like maximum of 2 words. For example, if you do some search in Google, that is, suppose you want shoes, then you will search the “best shoes”. This called short tail keywords.

Long Tail Keywords – Long tail keywords are those keywords which is 2 to 3 words are included. These are quite a search engine friendly keyword and mostly Professional blogger and marketers use long tail keywords that are very helpful for drive lots of traffic and sales.

Most people type long tail keywords in search engines suppose If I need a good jacket then I go on Google and search “best jacket for men”. This is the example of long tail keywords that are defined as the perfect need to the user.

Branded Keywords – Branded Keywords are those keywords that may contain of business or brand. Like I want to buy a shirt of Zara then I go on search engine and type best Zara shirt for men. Zara is a brand and our keyword is “Best Zara shirts for men”. If you want to rank fast in search engine then you should use branded keywords. It’s also helpful for branding.

Non Branded Keywords – Non Branded keywords are those keywords that are not considered of your brand name. It’s a simple and normal user behavior keywords.

What are the best tool for keyword research-

There are lots of keyword research tools in the market and I also wrote a detailed post about the best tools for keyword research.

A keyword research tool gives you the best keyword idea with keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC data, trend, SERP, keyword variations, and more. You can use for keyword research Google keyword planner it’s totally free, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and SEMrush.

SEMrush is one of the best and my favorite keyword research tool that provides the best keyword for my niche and complete data of my competitor’s website. It’s very easy to use and more user friendly keyword tool.

I suggest you use SEMrush and for the best keyword ideas, topic ideas, competitor’s backlinks analysis, and get higher ranking on search engines. Get SEMrush Free Trial

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