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Every blogger and content writer needs good plagiarism checking tools to make their content unique. IF your content unique from others then you will get more engagement and traffic. Unique content helps you to rank your website top in search engines.

Many content writer and new bloggers don’t know about the plagiarism checker tools and they just write and publish their content and don’t check how unique their content is and that’s is the biggest reason they are unable to rank in the search engine.

My friends, I would like to tell you that Google’s algorithm is very smart. If you think that you can fool Google, then it would be your biggest mistake if your content is not unique then in any case Google It will not allow it to be ranked. So that neither traffic will come on your website and nor will your website’s SERP increase.

There are many tools available on the internet that give you information about how to get content unique, but here I am going to share the best plagiarism checking tools that will tell you exactly how unique your content is and if your content similar to another website, then this tool will also tell you about that website so that you will have easier in making your content unique.

What is Plagiarism Checker Tools

Plagiarism checker tools tells you how unique your content is and if you have similarities in the content, it helps you to make that content unique if your content is similar to the content of another website.

Plagiarism checker tools look for similarities in your content that are on another website or similar to other content. You can create unique content with the help of plagiarism checker tools and rank your post easily in search engine.

You cannot rank your post in the search engine and can’t make your content unique without the help of the Plagiarism tool or without the Plagiarism check. If you want to become a professional blogger or want to become a good content writer then you will need plagiarism checker tools that will help you to improve your writing skills.

Here are the best plagiarism checker tools that will help you to make your content unique, get lots of traffic, and user engagement.

Small SEO Plagiarism Checker Tool

Small SEO is one of the best and my favorite plagiarism checker tools, this is 100% free. It has veru easy to use and understand deshboard. The tool show all the best and genuine results of your content. You can check Grammer, IP, plagiarism, website DA and more also it’s one of the best backlink checker and SEO tools.

This is one of the best plagiarism checker tools that will help you to check your content similarity against thousand of websites and make your content unique. It has a great feature of automatic rewriting that helps bloggers and writers make the content unique by just a single click. Small SEO has a popular name in the list of best tools for seo audit.

Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker is a great plagiarism checker tools for bloggers and content writers. This is the best seo tools for plagiarism checker that detects copied content. Mostly freelance writers and bloggers recommend this tool for checking content plagiarism. If you are a freelance writer then you can go with dupli checker.

It is very easy to use the plagiarism checker tool, all you need to do that you have just copied the content that you want to check plagiarism and go on the search bar then paste the content after few seconds it’s shows the result. If your content is plagiarised then you can easily make it unique by its great suggestions.

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector is a free plagiarism checker SEO tools. This tool offers you depth analysis of any content. You can copy and paste taxt or uploade file and page URL and get the quick result. I also use this tool this is the best plagiarism checker tools for professionals and students.

This is the best tool that will help you to Increase your SERP and you can check upto 1.000 word by single click. This tool not only for bloggers, it’s one of the best tool for students, jurnolist, writers, and marketers. Use this tool and make your content plagiarism free and Increase your website ranking.


As we know Grammarly. Grammarly is not only for checking spelling, readability software, but It’s also one of the best and popular software for plagiarism checking. Here you can easily make your content unique with any grammatical mistakes. It’s one of my and millions of blogger’s favorite software that helps me a lot and Increases my skills to the next level.

Grammarly plagiarism checker feature helps you find the plagiarised word in your content and gave suggestions on how you can make your content more unique and user friendly. Grammarly comes with paid and free version. If you want to depth analysis of your content then you can go with the paid version. I also use Grammarly to make my content unique and plagiarism free.


Copyleakes is one of the best and advanced plagiarism checker tools. This tool comes with both versions (free & paid). Copyleakes has great features, Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Layered and Extensive Search Capabilities, Multi-Language Capability, Duplicate File Finder Tool, Customized Solutions, and more.

This is one of the best tool for website owners, content writers, and bloggers. It doesn’t matter what is your content language and where you are living. It allows you to check content in any language and shows you the great results of the content. Copyleakes is the best and comprehensive plagiarism checker tool.


Plagiarisma is a very popular plagiarism checker tools. This is one of the best plagiarism checker SEO tools for students, bloggers, and business owners. The tool is works for multiple languages and platforms and it has great support. Plagiarisma comes with a free and paid plan and with great features.

Plagiarisma is also the best tools for SEO. It’s very easy to use, many freshers and professionals bloggers and marketers use this tool. You can easily get better content ideas and make your content unique. You can upload files in different formats like HTML, DOX, XLS, TXT, PDF, RTF, DOCX, and more.


Copyscape is another best and popular plagiarism checking tools. It’s totally free and allows you to make your content different from others. Most of the new bloggers don’t know much about the tool but many professional bloggers use this tool with its awesome features and get positive results. You can also use this tool to make your content original.

Copyscape has a very simple user interface that is easy to use and understand. You have just paste the URL in the search bar without sign up and Copyscape instant shows the result of how your content different from others. It has the best feature that sends alerts automatically, where your content get copied.


Quetext is one of the best and free plagiarism detector software. This tool helps you to study in depth on where your content is duplicate and what you need to do to make it unique and it shows those sites that match your content. Quetext comes up with great technology “deepsearch” that allows users to check their content deeply and make it unique.

There are very few features in its free version that you can use. If you want to use the best features, then you have to update the tool. If you want to use Deepsearch technology you have to update the version. It’s paid version comes with $99.99 per month.

Plagiarism by seoroma

This is one of the most popular WordPress plagiarism checking tools. If you are a WordPress blogger and outsources lots of content then you can go with this plugin. The plugin has 200+ active WordPress Installations also it has a great rating.

Mostly WordPress bloggers use this plugin to check their content uniqueness. The tool has great features and easy to use user interface. Best plagiarism checking tools for WordPress bloggers and website owners. is a very good and best plagiarism checking tool. This is a very professional tool for checking plagiarism. I would like to say this is one of the best plagiarism checker tools that offer different plans for students, educators, researchers. If you are a student this is the best tool for you.

It has a great supportive team If you will face any problem with the tool’s features their professional and very supportive team always ready to help you and they are providing world class plagiarism checking service.


In this article, I have tried to share all the tools that will be helpful in making your content unique and readable and which is very famous for plagiarism checking. A good plagiarism checking tool not only helps you to create unique content, it’s very helpful to increase website SERP. If you still have a doubt, then you can share your thoughts with me in the comment section. I hope you enjot the article and if you liked the article, please do not forget to share this article.

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