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Some people ask me how to increase my website traffic and what is the best way to fix my website issues also lots of people ask what is Google search console and how it can we use.

If you are the person who don’t know what is Google search console or how to fix your site issues and how to increase your website traffic. This post is going to be one of the best post for you because here you learn about Google webmaster tool and how to use it. Search console famous with another name which is the Google webmaster tool.

Google search console and Google Analytics these both tools are great and very helpful tool for every website or website SEO. Both tools are provided by Google. Every website owner should know about both tools, Google search console, and Google Analytics. Best guide on how to use Google Analytics.

If you don’t know what is Google Analytics and how it is work you can read my previous post where I shared a very informative post about Google Analytics.

What is Google Search Console

Google search console is a very powerful tool that helps you to maintain your website’s SEO and presence in Google. It’s one of the best SEO tool provided by Google that helps you to fix critical errors of your site, website analysis, Increase website loading speed, manage your site links and get your site data like, total number of clicks, total impressions, average CTR, average position of your site.

This is one of the best tool for SEO to checking where your site is ranked on Google and which keywords are best for your site. You can see which pages are performing well by country on Google and which device are best for drive lots of traffic on your site. This tool gives you the best suggestions. You can create more userfriendly and search engine friendly website through the suggestions.

Benefits of Google Search Console

  • Increase Website SEO
  • Increase Website Speed
  • Fix Critical Errors
  • Manage All URL in One Palace
  • Make Your Site Userfriendly and Search Engine Friendly
  • Make Your Site All Device Friendly (Mobiles, Computors, and Tablets)
  • See Website Performance on Google
  • See Best Keywords That Helps You to Drive Lots of Traffic

There are lots of tools that provide all the benefits but you have to pay for using these tools. Google webmaster tool is one of the best and free tool and it provides all the features is free.

How To Use Google Search Console

Setting up search console account is very easy. For setting up webmaster account and increase your website SEO you need to go on search engine’s website and sign up with your working email and put your domain URL in the left column or If you want to add particular URL of your site then you can put the URL in the right side column.

What is Google Search Console

After completing this process you have to fill some information about the country where do you live and category of your site then search console provide a code that you have to put on your site. After putting the code on your site come again search console’s website and varify property (website).

It’s a very simple process for setting up or sign up property in search console and know you can check all your website score and manage your website’s SEO. The first step after verifying property in search console is need to creating a sitemap.xml and robots.txt file for your site and submit in search console these both files allow the search engine to which pages you want to crawled and which you want not index on Google.

Features of Google Search Console


What is Google Search Console

The first tab on the search console is overview where you can see your website overview. In the overview tab you can see how’s your site performed on Google, what are the increases and decreases of your site, valid pages, or how many pages with errors on the site.

Also you can see the external and internal links on your site in the overview section and you can test the speed of your site. If any error occurs on your site it appears on the top of overview section with great suggestions. It’s one the best tab where you can see the overall performance of your site on Google.


Performance tab allows you to see the performance of your site between the month or by dates. In this section you can see the total number of clicks, total impressions, average CTR, average position of your site also you can see the search type (Web, Images and Videos). it’s a good section for getting great ideas of the site by date or month.

In the performance section you can check the queries, pages, countries, devices, and more. This is the section where you can see that keyword which helps you to drive traffic and get the best keyword ideas, also you can see that pages that are performing well on Google and which country are they performed well. It will help you to create the best SEO strategy.

URL Inspection

URL Inspection allows you to check index pages of your site by specific URL. Which pages are indexed and which are not you can also check the page’s mobile usability, errors, and indexing issues. If you are changing anything on your page you have to submit again in search console by the URL Inspection that Google can easily crawl your latest content and show them into search results.


What is Google Search Console

In coverage section you can check issues of your site that affected your site performance in Google. Here you can check page errors and page valid with warnings, valid pages, and excluded pages which is not indexed by Google and why. This is the section where you can check errors of your main URL and other pages.


Sitemap is a very important file of your site that shows Google which pages should crawl and which are not. This is one of the most important files of this entire process of Google search console without submitting a sitemap Google can never index your site or any web page of your site. Creating a sitemap is very easy, there are lots of ways, and plugins are available to create a sitemap for your site. You can go with these ways or plugins and create it.

First of all you need to submit a sitemap on your site after that you can submit it on search console. That will easy for Google to read your sitemap easily and index your URLs.


This is the tab that tells site owners about temporarily hide URL’s. There are three areas of removals, Temporary removals, Outdated Content, and Safesearch Filtering.

Temporary Removals – This is the tool where you can remove a specific URL of your site that you want to temporarily remove from Google search results.

Outdated Content – This is the tool which is everyone can use and provide the information about the removal content.

SafeSearch Filtering – This is a section that shows those web pages which are reported by Google users as adult content.


What is Google Search Console

Speed section allows you to check speed by the device. You can easily check your website speed here and how your website performed on mobile and desktop. If your speed is not good it shows the best suggestion which is help you to increase your website speed and get higher ranking on search engines.

Mobile Usability

In this tab you can see how your website performs on mobile and how many users come on your site by using mobile. It shows text, clickable elements, mobile friendly pages, and more.


Breadcrumbs section shows that pages of your site which is not appear rich results in Google. This section tells the site owners how to implement breadcrumb markup on the site. Google use the breadcrumbs to categorize the from the web pages.

Sitelink Searchbox

What is Google Search Console

This is the best tab, here you can find where your site appears in rich results on Google. The purpose of the sitelink is to navigate users around your site. For example, If the user search your site name on Google then sitelink shows more pages of your site on the screen of users.

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